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If you look at the websites of other manufacturers of motorhomes, or if you look at motorhome magazines, or even when you view units at motor shows, you will encounter mostly beautiful sofa groups, inviting upholstery, and loads of interior schnickschnack.

And once you own such a unit, if indeed you buy one, you will soon notice that once you occupy it, it just no longer has the same beautiful feel to it.

This, by the way, also happens with the living room or kitchen sets you see and buy at Ikea.


Because once you start to occupy such a unit, whether your new motorhome or the one purchased from Ikea, you will have to accommodate all the things you need in your daily life.

And you will notice that you never have enough storage space.

Now, if you live in stationary house, you may be able to set aside some rooms just for storage.

But in a mobile home, you are more limited. So, if indeed you buy a unit that impresses with beautiful upholstery and design schnickschnack, you will find yourself shifting bags that you place on your sofas. Your living room will look like a rumpelkammer, haha.

For the sales staff of motorhome showrooms on the one side, and for you on the other side, the motorhome serves different purposes.

For them, it’s a means for generating income.

For you, it’s a practical extension of yourself, or that is what it should be.

Their attitude is the same as that of a wheeler dealer. Nobody in the world polishes cars as diligently as second-hand car salesmen. Because they know that potential customers are easy to impress by a neat appearance. Even if the engine may hang after less than a thousand kilometers.

We at Wigwam have very definite ideas about the purpose of a motorhome. And we know how to serve this purpose because we not only build motorhomes. We live in motorhomes.

The purpose of a motorhome is efficiency in whatever your endeavors are in life. Whether you pursue business or pleasure, a motorhome allows you to be close to where the action is.

A motorhome primarily is a box in which to take along the things you need in life. Motorhome living is not a purpose in itself.

And then, you need a place where you can rest. The bedding has to be comfortable, not too hard. And you don’t want to be disturbed by bad odors or noise. And you want your rest place at a comfortable temperature.

You wake up like a king.

How photogenic your bedding, is of minor importance to you (but very important to sales staff).

A Wigwam motorhome is built to be an optimal sleeping place. Because whatever goals you pursue in life, you will be more successful if you sleep really well.

Therefore, sleeping place optimization is a major concern of ours, and an important purpose of a Wigwam motorhome.

People (and potential motorhome buyers) from Europe and North America are usually not very aware of technologies to optimize sleep quality through structural features.

Because what you need in cold climates is just either heating or proper blankets.

But in tropical countries, where Wigwam Homes is based, the problem is heat, not cold weather.

Now, during nights in the tropics, it would be immensely comfortable to just sleep outside. But you can’t do that because of mosquitoes and other animals that are after your blood.

So, people sleep inside, with windows closed (also advisable for security reasons). But buildings in tropical countries heat up. Even when the outside climate would be just ideal to sleep, the interior of buildings feels stuffy, and people have to use electric fans or air conditioning.

Who sleeps well in air conditioned rooms or with an electric fan blowing at you all night?

This is why we at Wigwam Homes pay such great attention to proper ventilation.

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