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Roomy interior

For good reasons, our units, especially those used as motorhomes, are largely unfurnished. That is in total contrast to all other manufacturers of motorhomes or caravans.

And here the good reasons:

1. The most limited item in a mobile home is space. If you have 10 square meters, don’t stuff them with permanent fixtures that you only need sometimes. Be flexible to every time bring just such items as you actually need.

2. Avoiding injury. If you have ever used a motorhome for some time, you know you bang your head and knees all the time. Especially furniture overhang in motorhomes is a pest, and we avoid it completely.

3. Rotten furniture is what you have in a standard motorhome after just 2 years. The standard furnishing in motorhomes is all built of plywood. If you spill some water once, the plywood gets soaked and will rot on and on. There will be fungal growth, and you will damage your health by inhaling spores.

4. Standard motorhomes are awkward to clean. But because the motorhome moves, there will be more dust than in stationary housing, and it penetrates every slit and accumulates in every corner.

For all the above reasons, the only sensible motorhome is a single square unfurnished room, just like a room in a house. Then furnish yourself according to taste.

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