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Portable water supply

I’d say: the most important installation in a motorhome is related to water. OK, you bring your drinking water in gallons.

But how about water for washing your hands or the dishes, and for taking a shower?

potable water supply

Most factory-built motorhomes are equipped with a water tank in the 100-liters range, and a shower cell powered by a 12 volt pump. There are also warm-water systems that are hooked up to the engine radiator and store some 10 liters of water that is boiling hot after about an hour drive. Sophisticated faucets mix the hot water from the radiator-connected tank with cold water from the main water tank, and one can always have a shower at exactly the temperature one prefers, just as we are used to it from luxury hotel rooms.

That is what brochures abc websites say. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But it’s all shit from start to finish.

And here is why:

1. I hate cold showers, especially in cold weather. In cold weather, I actually like to sit in a warm bathtub. And I want to be free to take a hot shower, or sit in a hot bathtub whenever I feel like it. I do not want to have to drive first for an hour or so. You get it? Sometimes, I actually do not want to go anywhere, but want hot water nevertheless.

2. The bathrooms of factory-built motorhomes depend on a 12 volt pump that draws DC from batteries. Depending on your charge system, your batteries may run empty. OK, I can park somewhere in cool weather for hours or days, and not need electricity. But I still may want my hot shower, and I will need water for other purposes. I do not want my motorhome water system to depend on electricity at all, thank you. Certainly not on a 12-volt pump that sooner or later will be defective anyway.

3. And now for the water tank, hidden somewhere underneath the motorhome. According to motorhome brochures, refilling is easy. Just connect a water hose to a faucet and refill the tank through a lockable opening in the motorhome body. Haha, how anti-freedom, how stupid. Imagine, I am driving around in the remote countryside of somewhere where I have never been. And I am short of water. And now I am going to look for a faucet. Not just a faucet, but a faucet owned by somebody who does not suspect that I am out to steal 4 or 5 cubic meters of water.

As I said, all shit what they produce at motorhome factories.

And here the solution, as simple and effective as the Serge Kreutz diet for weight loss and ideal weight forever.

Instead of a water tank to be filled through a hose, I just use 6-liter water gallons… the type they sell drinking water in. I can refill 6-liter water gallons everywhere: at gas stations, even at supermarkets, at community wells operated by hand pumps, or at pipes draining water from a waterfall. If the opportunity is good, and opportunities are far in between, I can refill 20 gallons. And if the opportunity is not so good, I just refill 2.I can do with 2. It’s better than no water.

And as for the water pump… I threw it out. With water in gallons, I am beautifully independent of the electric system of the car.

It gets even better when it comes to the warm water and bathtub issue. I use a very large plastic storage box as a bathtub. And warm water, I prepare with a large stock pot on the gas stove of my motorhome.

Simple, effective, no maintenance and repairs needed, absolute independence, great freedom, and excellent sex at the most remote corners of the world.

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