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How to buy a Wigwam Motorhome?

Unlike what is the case for many other companies which built motorhomes in East or Southeast Asia, our sales are on the spot. We do not collect downpayments for ordering motorhomes, and then deliver after several months.

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Why rent or lease

If you come to Thailand for a holiday, it’s your only sensible option for going around by motorhome.

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Better than high-tech

Many gadgets for a comfortable life are developed not because there would be a genuine need for them but because businesses, and economies, need something they can sell.

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Roomy interior

For good reasons, our units, especially those used as motorhomes, are largely unfurnished. That is in total contrast to all other manufacturers of motorhomes or caravans.

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Portable water supply

I’d say: the most important installation in a motorhome is related to water. OK, you bring your drinking water in gallons.

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You can also contact us through Line Messenger, which is the most common such application in Thailand.

Our Line ID is: 88116633

Replies will be faster, and communication swift, using Line instead of email.