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How to buy a Wigwam Motorhome?

Unlike what is the case for many other companies which built motorhomes in East or Southeast Asia, our sales are on the spot. We do not collect downpayments for ordering motorhomes, and then deliver after several months.

With us, a person who likes to purchase a Wigwam motorhome comes to our facility, hands over payment, gets a purchase contract, the registration booklet, and the keys, and then leaves our compound with the car he purchased. That simple.

If you are certain that you will never resell the vehicle to us, you can proceed to change the owner name. Depending on the size of the motorhome, this may need or may not need a Thai citizen. All name transfer expenses would have to be borne by you.

If you assume that you will resell the motorhome to us at a pre-agreed depreciation, you don't have to do much. The car is legally yours, as you hold a deed of sales and a receipt, as well as the registration booklet and, for smaller units, a car passport that allows you to bring the motorhome accross borders.

Whenever you decide to return the motorhome to us at a set depreciation, just give us a call or send us an email.

You can also contact us through Line Messenger, which is the most common such application in Thailand.

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Replies will be faster, and communication swift, using Line instead of email.